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Community Projects

Radio Pulpit and Cape Pulpit stand in partnership with various communities and the business sector. By doing this we attend to the traumatic realities of communities and become a daily companion to those who might be forgotten.

Our Community Building Initiative (CBI) is a national programme aimed at empowering and uplifting communities. The initiative is funded by the business community and administrated by Radio Pulpit. If you want to become involved as a business partner in this initiative, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The identified areas of partnership include:

  • Youth leadership development
  • Literacy and skills training
  • Enterprise development
  • Prison ministry
  • Dare-to-care projects

No Hungry Tummies During Holidays, Because You Dared To Care

"It's holiday!" These words should bring a smile to any child's face. Unfortunately these words also mean hunger for a great amount of children in South Africa. In many communities children go hungry over holidays because they do not have access to feeding schemes at schools during that "fun" time of the year.
Because you showed your Christian caring through a donation to Radio Pulpit, we could take hands with The Potato Foundation in Pretoria over the Christmas holidays, by sponsoring food parcels for families in need of food. The balanced contents of each food parcel provided, were enough to feed one hungry family for a month. The Potato Foundation was established in 2007 and works mainly on the upliftment of children in need from the infant stage to 13 years of age.
A good start        
A new start is always exciting and going back to school is no exception! In 2013 you helped us to add holiday cheer and excitement by sponsoring children with schoolbags that were filled with stationery for the start of the 2014 school year. These schoolbags were handed out at the Kamcare Christmas party. Kamcare Social and Training Services is a South African NGO based in the Nokeng area, north east of Pretoria.

Your involvement is a gift beyond price that enables Radio Pulpit to dare to care and bring Hope.


Hope to the Nations of Africa

UCB Africa

We reach listeners in South Africa and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Together with United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) we bring the message of Hope to thousands of people in Africa. We support broadcasting in Africa by establishing Christian radio stations through training, technical advice and support.

Radio Pulpit and UCB Empowers Africa

It's often said that Radio Pulpit is more than just a radio station. Together with United Christian Broadcasters (UCB), chaired by Radio Pulpit and Cape Pulpit MD, Dr Roelf Petersen, we bring the message of Hope to thousands of people in South Africa and beyond.

Radio Pulpit's partnership with UCB is empowering emerging African Christian broadcasters with new broadcasting studios in Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Madagascar.
The response has been overwhelming, with 3 000 to 5 000 letters received from listeners with wonderful testimonies, proving the transformation of people's lives. Listeners are not just using their radios, but also their cell phones, and live streaming through the internet. As the power of your support grows across our continent, bringing the Good News to people in remote and forgotten places, our air wave partnerships increase. We hope that you will feel the special joy that comes from growing God's Kingdom - at home, across Africa, and the world. Thank you for being part of this great work.

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