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To live in Peace


We sometimes experience turbulent circumstances: the restless movement of traffic; the unending activities at school or work; the ado of workers in the factory or on the construction site.

Psalm 131 relates the unrest of an infant on his mother's lap. He squirms and moans because he craves for milk! Sometimes we are also restless. We rush to reach goals, are anxious to make money, and fervently try to get hold of pleasures.

The author of Psalm 131, David, experienced severe pressures: the turmoil of war; the rage of Saul; the cursing of Simei. But now he is tranquil not serene like somebody who relaxes with a glass of wine or has been sedated by a tranquilliser. No, it is composure amidst the traumas, sweat, pain and problems of everyday life.

What causes the disquiet? The root cause is pride: I'm obsessed with myself, self-trusting, opinionated, and headstrong. I go after things too great and too difficult for me. I long for respect and acknowledgement from others too much. I desire a bigger income. I desire these things so much that I cross the boundaries God set for me. I want to expand beyond my unique design and calling. My appetite is too big.  I want to take control of things like my health, other people and circumstances.  Therefore I become restless, stressed, irritated or depressed.

Where does one find peace? Only in Jesus Christ. He left the restfulness of heaven and entered the unrest of this world. He took the guilt of sinners upon Himself. In the place of sinners he endured the anguish of being abandoned by God. Therefore He was welcomed back in his Father's presence. He earned Father arms to hug you, a Father lap to sit upon, a Father heart in which you may dwell.

How do you handle the trials and tribulations of life? Do you venture to do it on your own, independent from God, with pride? Do you try to explain everything logically? God resists the proud, but shows favour to the humble. Make yourself at home on the lap of your Father. Be content with his promises, his care, his guidance. Leave all your worries with Him. Trust Him. Obey Him.

Through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ you share in his victory over consuming desires. His Spirit will take you through the weaning process and free you daily from the domination of desires. Your responsibility is to desire God, to reveal your desires to Him and to trust Him with those.

Surely the day will dawn when God will hush the unrest of sin for ever. Then the child will be a grown up, a bride, who rests in the embrace of God, her Husband. Then we shall enjoy eternal peace with God.

25 June 2009

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