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Counselling Reference List

Radio Pulpit makes the reference list available to clients who need Biblical counselling and/or other help.

Clients are advised that they are using the individuals or organisations on the reference list at their own risk. Radio Pulpit is by no means responsible for the advice given or the results pertaining to the help received from these individuals or organisations.

Individuals who would like to be on the reference list are most welcome to apply at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tips or recommendations of individuals nationwide who can serve on the list are most welcome. Radio Pulpit is a Christian broadcaster and thus prefers that the counsellor or person who aids must have a Biblical counselling approach or practice.

Feedback to Radio Pulpit regarding the quality of aid received by individuals or organisations on the reference list is welcome.

We reserve the right to adjust the list as we see fit.

Please click here to view the reference list.


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