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Help Mozambique... what is the progress?

Between Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit our listeners have donated about 300 boxes full of clothes, together with food and plenty of water.

We would like to thank the listeners from the bottom of our hearts for all the donations. We are truly overwhelmed by the generosity and it took personnel three days to sort out and pack.

Together with all the physical donations, we also received more than R80 000 for the 'Help Moz' project, without asking for any money.

On the 3rd of May 2019, the SANDF visited Radio Pulpit to load all the goods and deliver it to Mozambique. The goods arrived safely in Beira, Mozambique on the 13th of May.

The goods are currently distributed amongst the residents. The Nhandanga distribution point is the farthest that one can travel by vehicle. Three communities travelled on foot to receive goods.

From there, we go back to Inchope and further East to Nhamatanda where we met up with the pastors from Mbimbir 65km into the flooded plains. These parts can still not be reached by vehicle, thus each bag will be transported by bicycle or motorcycle. The pastors told us that it is still going very poor with the people.

From her, we drive a very long detour to get to the Siracikua community. This is also the farthest we can travel by vehicle. Two other groups came on foot and will transport their goods by bicycle. These people are extremely poor.

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