Are you a young and upcoming Gospel artist?

Radio Pulpit is always on the look out for new talent in the Gospel arena. If you have a CD, send it to us for review and possible inclusion in our playlist!

Radio Pulpit is a Christian Radio station that only plays Gospel music. We do not play secular or cross-over music but only gospel music which is Bible based / in line with the Bible. The words and music must compliment each other and the words must be clear. As excellence is one of our Core Values we also strive to promote excellence in other areas of ministry including music.

We work with a CD format. Please do not send us cassettes because the quality is too poor for broadcasting purposes. The CD received will become the property of Radio Pulpit. It will be archived whether it has been approved or not for further reference.

The music goes through a selection process and is approved on the basis of quality and content. If (tracks from the CD are) / the CD is approved, it is also decided which tracks will be loaded onto the system. In so doing, we ensure that we keep on providing the best we can for our listeners, honouring our responsibility towards them, but also giving fair opportunity to new artists. The artist will only be notified if the CD has been approved. This will happen via e-mail of telephone. An interview can be done only if and when the music has been approved.

You're welcome to contact JP Badenhorst (012 334 1281 / who handles all Afrikaans and English music OR Mpho Mashishi (012 334 1273 / who handles all African Language music.

You are welcome to send your CD to the following address:

Attention: Music Department Radio Pulpit PO Box 3436 Pretoria 0001 South Africa


You are welcome to courier your CD to:

Attention: Music Department Radio Pulpit 42 Jacobus Street Kilner Park Pretoria 0186 South Africa

Please send the tracking number of the parcel to: / 012 334 1481 (fax) / 012 334 1473 (fax)

The CD must be accompanied by the following information:

  • Your address and contact details namely telephone numbers, fax number and e-mail address. (We would like to inform you when your CD has been approved);
  • Please supply the writer(s) and publisher(s) of the different songs on the CD.
  • If the CD is not distributed by a record company, but by the artist him/herself, we need proof of copyright and that the royalties for use, recording and duplication of the music is paid for. No music may be aired if we do not have sufficient information regarding this matter.
  • A biography of the artist is optional.

For more information please contact JP or Mpho at (012) 334-1200 or /

We at Radio Pulpit and the Music Department welcome good South African and International Gospel Music and strive towards playing music of the highest quality on our air waves.