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Expect the Unexpected

By Dr. Roelf Petersen

Last year was not an easy year financially for the Pulpit Media Group and some of our listeners. Our counsellors reported that there were listeners who lost their jobs and struggled to keep food on the table. There were also instances of illness and even some desperate personal circumstances.

That brings us to the question: What should you and I expect from the Lord in the new year that lies ahead of us?

I propose that we make enough time to spend close with Him so that He can surprise us in difficult circumstances with the unexpected and the impossible!

There are many accounts in the Word that confirm that we can trust Him to be as good as his Word. Let us look at only two examples:

There is the narrative of the widow's oil in 2 Kings 4. A widow that was left in debt after her husband passed away was in danger of losing her only real "property" (her two sons). Then the impossible happened: the Lord intervened unexpectedly through his prophet Elisha and a miracle transpired. With the single jar of oil that she had left, she was able to fill many jars, sell the oil, pay all her debt and take care of her sons.

Then there is the story in John 21 of the wonderful catch of fish. Simon Peter and his fellow disciples were seasoned fishermen that grew up next to the Sea of Galilee. They knew the sea like the palm of their hands. When Jesus requested them to cast their net from the other side of the boat, they must have been quite sceptical, acting with a degree of disbelief - just to be surprised and experience the unexpected to happen! They caught hundred-and-fifty-three fish with one cast of the net!

Spiritual growth takes effect through spiritual courage. Only when we are willing to take a risk by faith and when we remember that God can do the impossible, can He surprise us.

We here at the Pulpit Media Group trust Him in the new year for his surprises!

How about you?

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