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More than conquerors

By Jean Lung
Joshua proved that he was more than a conqueror and obediently attacked the stone walls of the mighty Jericho with an 'ARMY of SOUND'. Daniel did not use power or might, but trusted in God for the rescue.
This Easter it is my sincere wish is that we will trust in God and surrender ourselves to Him. He conquered death so that we could live. In this edition we wish to motivate you to not only survive, but to conquer.

Join us in our quest to conquer through Christ. We will keep you informed about the quests of fellow listeners and readers and bring you testimonies of listeners who conquer and overcome, reports on those who are still trying and those who feel the sharp edges of defeat from time to time. As one body we reach out to each other in times of need, rejoice in times of victory and work together to overcome and win the final battle.

Our new Listen for Longer program schedule is part of our quest to conquer. You clearly showed us your support to 'LISTEN for LONGER' with an overwhelming positive response. 99% of listeners taking part in the campaign gave a loud and clear "yes" shout. You can now listen for longer to Radio Pulpit in a language that you understand. Through the spoken Word and mighty melodies we bring God all the praise and break down the modern walls of 'Jericho' - whether they are 'virtual' or made of 'stone'! You can find the LISTEN for LONGER program schedule here.
May you be blessed with His mercies that are new every morning in the quest to conquer through Christ.

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