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Open to His Will

By Jean Lung

The new year is beckoning us with bright eyes - filled with unspoken promises and often (self-compiled) expectations. With Christmas still fresh in my memory, I started contemplating this!

With a warm heart I watched my children open gifts from far and wide one by one, as if they were unravelling a huge puzzle. Right there I realised that this is how we should approach the new year.

It is typical for us to have preconceived ideas and plans for a new year. We want to know beforehand what is going to happen, but more often than not, things do not work out exactly the way we thought they would. The truth is, only the Lord knows the exact plans He has for us. One thing we can be sure of is that He only wants what is best for us (Matthew 7 :11).

Our own minds sometimes deceive us. We believe God's promises, remind Him of them and look forward to these promises with great expectation. Then the unexpected happens - you think you will receive your promise in a neatly packaged, rectangular box but alas - what you get does not look like that at all! Your promise is bunched and buttoned up in shiny paper. To top it all off, you are convinced that you are touch-sensitive! What now? How do you unravel such a "gift"?

My advice to myself (and to you) is: Allow the Lord to surprise you! He is the Keeper of his Word. Take a conscious decision to explore with an open mind that which He has sent across your path, abandon preconceived expectations and enjoy the One who loves and blesses you. Your promise might seem like a challenge, but allow yourself to grow in the process of "unravelling" it, and enjoy its contents, for He is the giver of good gifts.

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