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Our radical God has radical children

By Dr. Vorster Combrink

Radical problem: The sinfulness of our heart and life is severe and should not be softened, disguised, sweetened, ignored, shifted or justified. Sin is hate towards God and people. It's putting a knife in God's heart. It's contempt and rebellion. And it is ... a deadly trap!

Radical solution: God exchanges sinners, rebels and enemies with his perfect and sinless Son. Jesus loves his Father and his fellow man completely and radically - sometimes in unconventional ways, sometimes in simple and ordinary ways. As the only suitable Substitute He took upon Himself the punishment sinners deserve. He was completely cut off, uprooted, and resurrected. By this the Son glorified his Father!

Radical choice: Jesus Christ demands that I acknowledge Him as my Saviour and King. And through faith I share in his identity and position before the Father.

Radical dedication: This basic decision must be followed by a meticulous process of daily change. The Holy Spirit strips and reconstructs us bit by bit: our thoughts, desires and actions.

Radical resistance: My commitment to Him implies that I make war against my sinful heart & desires: "If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. And if your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out". If your work, or sport, or daily program, or religion or tradition became your idol, destroy it! Stop your fear, selfishness, distrust, impatience, lust, covetousness and jealousy. Put off the TV. Safeguard your PC and cell phone against pornography. Cut out time wasting activities from your daily agenda.

Radical glory: The believer who perseveres until the end and refuses to cherish evil, will be saved. He who submit to the King, will be glorified (1 Pet 2:6; John 10:28).

Radical destruction: The builder who rejects the capstone, will stumble over Him. He will be trapped in hell for ever. Don't venture into the currents of sin, you will drown. Don't play with a snake, you will be bitten. If you don't deny your old self, you will perish (1 Pet 2:7-8).

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