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Wait upon the Lord with Trust and Hard Work

By Vorster Combrink

Ps 126

Somewhere in the southern desert of Palestine a man is walking through his small ploughed land. The land is parched and bare. He carries a bag of wheat. The corns fall on the ground; also drops of sweat and tears. He is suffering. How long will he have to wait before it rains?

This guy is one of the people who returned to bad circumstances in Palestine after being in exile in Babel for 70 years. He has to face drought, poverty and hard work ahead to rebuild the land. Perhaps the farmer wondered: Will there be a harvest? Will there be a future?

We can identify with him - the country we walk through every day doesn’t look good either: people are attacked and murdered; children are neglected/abused; poor leadership and poor service delivery hurt communities.

What did the farmer of Psalm 126 do? He took his sorrows and troubles to the LORD. His tears became the words of his prayers. He waited upon the LORD who gives the early and late rain (Jas 5:7). His eyes of faith saw showers of rain and streams of water flowing; a green land of wheat in the desert; sheafs in the barn. He believed that God promises life: raising his children from the grave of the exile. The nations stood in awe. Juda rejoiced: "The Lord has done great things for us!"

The LORD walks with us. The Sower takes my bag (Matt 13). While He is sowing, his tears are flowing for the lack of faith of Jerusalem. He sowed Himself instead and rose in glory: the first fruits of the crop (1 Cor. 15:20).

The Spirit of the Sower inspires us to wait upon the LORD, not by sitting back, but by sowing his Word with our lives, words and love - at our post until He comes (Mark 13:32-37). Sometimes we do our work clothed with mourning dresses (Rev 11:3), but we persevere because we know our work in the Lord is not in vain. The Sower will reap his harvest with joy!

How do you wait upon the Lord?

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